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Literature & Graphic Design
ENGL 197, Spring 2002, Alan Liu
Notes for Class 12

This page contains materials intended to facilitate class discussion (excerpts from readings, outlines of issues, links to resources, etc.). The materials are not necessarily the same as the instructor's teaching notes and are not designed to represent a full exposition or argument. This page is subject to revision as the instructor finalizes preparation. (Last revised 3/6/07 )

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Postmodern Interior Design

Tomas Taveira, Transfigured Bookcase, 1985Tomas Taveira, Transfigured Bookcase, 1985  
  Zaha Hadid, Wavy Back Sofa, 1987-88Zaha Hadid, Wavy Back Sofa, 1987-88
Frank Gehry, Ryba Lamp, 1983Frank Gehry, Ryba Lamp, 1983  


Postmodern Architecture

  • Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles: image sites A B C

  • Frank Gehry House, Santa Monica — Images: A B C

  • Frank Gehry, California Aerospace Museum: Images

  • Frank Gehry, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao: Images

  • Whitney Museum of American Art (with Michael Graves's rejected expansion scheme): images


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