British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution

A Small Archive of the British View of Unspeakable Events in the French Revolution

The September Massacres

FirstLondon Times
           Sept. 10, 1792
           Sept. 12, 1792
Morning Chronicle
           Sept. 8, 1792

Execution of Louis XVI London Times
           Jan. 25, 1793
Death of Marat and Execution of Charlotte Corday London Times
           July 30, 1793
           August 10, 1793
Supplementary Materials: Thomas Carlyle
           from The French Revolution
William Wordsworth
           Salisbury Plain

Alan Liu, English Dept., U. California, Santa Barbara, with research assistance from Sheila Hwang and Vincent Willoughby. Created for the UCSB Around 1800 Group's Seminar on "Unspeakable Acts and Everyday Life," Feb. 22, 2000