English 152A: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Early in the quarter a series of translation quizzes will be given. These are designed to insure that you are learning Chaucer's Middle English and have a reasonable understanding of it. All passages to be translated will be taken from the reading for that class, so the best preparation is simply a careful reading of the assignment. I will typically gloss difficult words, or words that are rare, but you will be expected to understand common Middle English words and to grasp the syntax of the sentences.

Your translation should be as literal as is consistent with proper modern English syntax in order to show your grasp of the original.

We will probably have five or six quizzes altogether. When we come to average the grades for the quizzes, we will disregard your lowest score. If you miss a quiz, that, of course, will be your lowest. Quizzes will be given only in class -- i.e., no "make-up quizzes."

Quizzes may also include some question on the reading.

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