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Hypermarks (an index of online fiction, poetry, installations hypertext/ually in/formed);
Electronic Literature Directory; Eastgate Systems, Project Xanadu
Internet Archive, Project Bartleby Archive, U. Toronto Representative Poetry On-line, University of Virginia Electronic Text Center, Narrabase Press, New River, Salt Hill, Hyper-X, Hyperizons;
YAHOO!: Web-Published Fiction
Text-Encoding Initiatives:
 Text Encoding Initiative Homepage
Guidelines the TEI published in 1994
Summary of the TEI Guidelines
Table of contents and publisher's description of book about TEI

Terminology & Timelines

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Hypertext Fiction & Poetry
Literature & the Culture of Information Undergraduate Course, Fall 2001

Electronic Literature & Culture
Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2000 & Fall 2000

Hypertext Fiction & Theory
Graduate Seminar, Winter 1999

Rita Raley
Department of English
University of California, Santa Barbara