Engl 146CC: The Culture of the Copy
Student Projects (Spring 2007)

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A creative exercise in plagiarism, imitation, copyright violation, or recycling. This exercise will allow you to engage with the ideology of innovation -- the insistence on ‘making it new’ -- and with contemporary aesthetic practices (of which sampling and remixing would be just one example).

Alex Barkett, “104 Words

Brooke Birrenkott, "The Scream"
Lauren Bray, "Myspace Exposed"
Anthony Cadenas, “Robot Love
Taylor Curtis, “Individual?
Priscilla Echeverria, "The Refaire Gallery of Paul Même Peintre"
Joshua Felsinger, “Testimony of a Rainbow: The Lost Transcript of Samuel Beckett
Andrew Fernandez, Critical Analysis
Alice Gore, “Time Medley
Kim Gravel, “Who am We? Performance in the Spaces of MySpace and Second Life
Britta Gustafson,
"Pre-Columbian earrings, the Jeweled Platypus, and me"
Elise Hennigan, "Double Yourself!"
Emily Huang and Taylor Zimmerman, "Lo.Lee.Ta"
Elizabeth Kalpers, “Fragmented Speech Sounds
John Kincheloe, "Fire Walk All Over Us"
Zlatan Kremonic, "An Original Work of Art"
Monique Lopez, “The Rival by Sylvia Plath: A Picture Poem
Cesar Lozano, "Project Hierophant"
Alex Magur, “Breakfast of Champions
Andrew Negus, "Jean Baudrillard's Official Website"
Jonathan Pelleg, “Hamlet
Adam Randall, “Eway: The Electronic Highway for Selling Used and Reused Items
Brittney Robanser, "Brittney Robanser: David"
Brenna Robertson, “Bokononism: Where is My Vin-dit
Carmen Rojas and Theresa Deocales, “FaceSpace
Joey Rutherford, “Creative Visions©
Desmond Sandy, “ExPeriJect
Candice Smith, "usurped"
Dana Solomon, “On Writing and Reproduction
Caitlin Steele, "Organ Donation"
Chris Stein, “UCSB Cannibal Simulation Study
Nicole Stephens, "AlexSerpa.com"
Ernest Thai, “The Copied Gallery
Andrew Tomforde, “Cloned Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner
Stacy Tumarkin, “The Evolution of Repetition
Jasmine Wetherell, "The Notes of Louis Fayer"
Taylor Whitmer, “Bubble.Pop.Electric
Matthew Winter, “Six Degrees of Separation
Jessica Zollman, “Living a Lie