Engl 146EL: Electronic Literature

Student Projects (Winter 2006)

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Tarik Abdel-gawad,
Alex Barkett, “The Quicksandman: Anorigin.al Hypert.ex” 

Marissa Beas, “Digital Narrative
Brooke Birrenkott, “The Present

Chris Borden, "Why am I still awake? 2:36 am"
Garin Clyma, “Running Verbless
Megan Del Castillo, “Found
Hrach Demirjian, “The City Walls, or A Moticomb of Seriousness
E. Joaquin Esquivel, “MySpace?
Scott Evans, "Journal"
Jessica Farley, “Watch Out for the Undertow
Bryan Feil, “
Interactive Fiction: A Genre Quite Capable To Stand Alone
Andrew Fernandez, “Quantity over Quality
Viktoriya Filippova, “While the City Sleeps in Passing Cars
Madelaine Frezza, “Sara Clemens, Visionary
Samantha Garcia, “A New Look: Meditation on the Aesthetics of Electronic Media
Chris Gonzalez, “Var.e.c0d3
Ashley Hagle, “Getting to Know You
Ashley Kaye, “Frustration
Kristyn Keene, “
Rhetoric of Choice: The Limits of Intellectual Consumption in a World of Mass Media
Roderick Khodaverdian, “Quarters

Hayley Kincaid, “The Leap
Michelle Hodges, “Bending Hearts: Decoding <3s
Amy Lovelace, “Falling Alone
Chris Otte, "The Medium Defines the Art"
David Piper, “Words in Axiom
Nick Roberts, “Wondering Mind

Brenna Robertson, "Bukowski, We"
Rachel Rosenbloom, “
The Cut-Up Method and Electronic Literature
Betthany Serrano, “Differing Methods
Brendan Sherlock, “The Moon
Jussi Talvala, “
Death and Rebirth: An Exploration of the Aesthetic of Error and Loss
Ernest Thai, “Where am I?
Darrick Thomas, “New Media Literature & the Development of New Reading/Viewing Practices

Taylor Whitmer, “My Dad
Clive Wong, “The Root of All Evil” [description]