Engl 146: Contemporary Experimental Narratives
Student Projects (Fall 2003)

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Amasa Amos, "Labyrinths" [commentary]
Cesar Calvache, "Escaping the Labyrinth"
Tyler Carpenter, "Adrift 0.9"
Luke Chamberlin, "Meet you at the Corner: Humor in American Fiction, by Dirk Carrion"
Matt Cooper, "bunnies and sunshine are imminent"
Jonathan Cornforth, "The Heart of Art"
Audrey Craipain, "Experimental Narratives: Lessons in Reading"
Mark Danial, "Deconstructing Labyrinths"
Matthew Harrison, "D.N.E."
Devon Hay, "Dreamscapes and Reality: The Fractured Consciousness of Mulholland Drive"
Sara Holmes, "no title yet" (unfinished)
Danielle Jamison, "City of Glass: Morphing of a Fragmented Identity"
Lauri Kamiel, "no title yet"
Daven Kang, "Restrictive Freedom"
Leron Kattan, "no title yet"
Dan Knowlton
Meghan Koch, "Expanding Capabilities"
Lisa La, " 'You' are Creator"
Ben Ly, "F*A*T*E"
Andrew Morrow, "Fractured Face"
Tom Phillipson, "This is a Final Project"
Marsha Reed, "Connections"
Angela Sarff, "Postmodern Print Fiction vs. Digital Fiction"
Andre Sheremetiev, "no title yet"
Brittney Smith, "Do you see what I see?"
Emily Stegman, "A Fictional Labyrinth"
Nicole Tjomsland, "no title yet"
Jennifer Torres, "no title yet"
Doug Truong, "The Remix Reloaded"
Thomas Walters
Orin Weintraub, "information is mass quantities"
Jason Wood, "If on a winter's night a writing machine"