Louise Bennett, "Dear Departed Federation"

English 165CL: Caribbean Literature (Winter 2002)
Department of English
University of California, Santa Barbara

Dear Departed Federation
Referendum muderation
Bounce you eena outa space
Hope you fine a restin place
Is a heavy blow we gi yuh
An we know de fault noh fe yuh
For we see you operate
Over continent an state.
But de heap o' boderation
Eena fe we lickle nation
From de start o' yuh duration
Meck we frighten an frustrate
A noh tief meck yuh departed
A noh lie meck yuh departed
But a fearful meck we careful
How we let yuh tru we gate.
Fearful bout de big confusion
Bout de final constitution
An Jamaica contribution
All we spirit aggrivate.
An we memba self-protection
All we ears of preparation!
Referendum Mutilation
Quashie start to contemplate!
Beg yuh pardon Federation
Fe de sudden separation
If we sufferin' survive
We acquaintance might revive.
Dear Departed Federation
Beg you beg dem tarra nation
Who done quarrel and unite
Pray fe po' West Indies plight.