Robert Anderson, A Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain. 14 Vols. (London: John and Arthur Arch, 1793-95)

Information about the Collection:  long bio-bibliographical headnotes, with criticism

Table of Contents:

-- Vol. 1: Chaucer; Surrey; Wyatt; Sackville

-- Vol. 2: Spenser, Shakespeare; Davies; Hall

-- Vol. 3: Drayton; Carew; Suckling

-- Vol. 4: Donne; Dryden; Browne; P.Fletcher; G.Fletcher; B. Jonson; Drummond; Crashaw; Davenant

-- Vol. 5: Milton; Cowley; Waller; Butler; Denham

-- Vol. 6: Dryden; Rochester; Roscommon; Otway; Pomfret; Dorset; Stepney; Philips; Walsh; Smith; Duke; King; Sprat; Montague; Halifax

-- Vol. 7: Parnell; Garth; Rowe; Addison; Hughes; Sheffield; Prior; Congreve; Blackmore; Fenton; Granville; Yalden

-- Vol. 8: Pope; Gay; Pattison; Hammond; Savage; Hill; Tickell; Somerville; Broome; Pitt; Blair

-- Vol. 9: Swift; Thompson; Watts; Hamilton; A.Philips; G.West; Collins; Dyer; Shenstone; Mallet; Akenside; Harte

-- Vol. 10: Young; Gray; B.West; Lyttleton; Moore; Boyce; Thompson; Cawthorne; Churchill; Falconer; Lloyd; Cunningham; Green; Cooper; Goldsmith; P.Whitehead; Brown; Grainger; Smollet; Armstrong

-- Vol. 11: Wilkie; Dodsley; Shaw; Smart; Langhorne; Bruce; Chatterton; Graeme; Glover; Lovibond; Penrose; Mickle; Jago; Scott; Johnson ("as a critic, he is entitled to the praise of being the greatest that our nation has produced…[he] has adopted all the good sense of Aristotle, untrammelled by his forms" p. 815); W.Whitehead; Jenyns; Logan; Warton; Cotton; Blacklock

-- Vol. 12: Pope’s Iliad & Odyssey; West’s Pindar; Dryden’s Virgil and Juvenal; Pitt’s Aeneid; Rowe’s Lucan

-- Vol. 13: Cook’s Hesiod; Fawkes’ Theocritus, Anacreon, Bion, Moschus, Sappho, Musaeus & Apollonius Rhodius; Lycopolites’ The Rape of Helen; Creech’s Lucretius; Grainger’s Tibullus

-- Vol. 14:

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