Mrs. Blencowe, The Casket, a Miscellany, consisting of Unpublished Poems. (London: John Murray, 1829)

Information about the collection: There is no TOC per se, and the list of authors comes at the end of the volume in the form of an index. There is no preface, though there is an advertisement, and there is no critical, biographical, or bibliographical information given. There is a lengthy list of subscribers to the volume, with the number of copies taken (when more than one presumably) in the right-hand column. The name of the author does not appear anywhere other than in the index, and the ordering appears to be random (i.e. it is not done by chronology or subject) -- another good example of a miscellany.

Advertisement: With feelings of pride and satisfaction the Editor of "The Casket" surveys the list of Authors, of whose writings it is composed: -- the kind and disinterested motives which have induced so many highly gifted persons to aid her design, convinces her that they will participate in the pleasure with which she hails its accomplishment.

When the earnest wish of benefiting a friend first suggested the undertaking, the succes that has attended it could not have been anticipated; and the Editor earnestly requests the Contributors and Subscribers to accept her grateful acknowledgments.

The poetry contained in this volume consists of pieces written expressly for "The Casket," and of others which have never before been published. It is, however, necessary to make a single exception to this remark; in acknowledging, with many thanks, the beautiful lines contributed by Mr. Rogers, the Editor feels obliged to add, that they were extracted from a poem, which, though unpublished at the time, has since been given to the public.

To Mr. Moore peculiar thanks are due for suffering himself to be induced, by the circumstances in which the present publication has originated, to deviate from his rule of never contributing to any miscellaneous work. The Editor cannot refrain from acknowledging even the intended kindness of Mr. Campbell, who had permitted his name to appear in the Prospectus as a contributor to "The Casket," but who has been prevented, by subsequent illness, from the fulfillment of his promise. Mr. Murray is requested to accept the thanks of the Editor for the liberality of the terms on which he has engaged to publish "The Casket."

Table of Contents:  None

Index: The titles of the poems themselves are forthcoming. What follows is a list of the authors as they appear in the index, with those deceased printed in italics.

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