Elizabeth Scott, Specimens of British Poetry: Chiefly Selected from Authors of High Celebrity, and Interspersed with Original Writings. (Edinburgh: James Ballantyne and Co., 1823)

Information about the collection: There is no preface or TOC, and the only prefatory material is a dedication to the Countess of Lonsdale. The title given for the volume (printed before the first poem) is "Specimens of Poetic Melody." The titles of the poems are printed first, followed by the author's name. As the ordering appears to be random (i.e. it is not done by chronology or subject), the collection seems to be a good example of a miscellany, though because the volume is not even organized by title there might be some problems with this categorical distinction. "Original Writings" in the title of the volume seems to refer to Elizabeth Scott's own poetry, much of which is included in the volume, including an exchange with Robert Burns.

Table of Contents:  None, though a perusal of the contents turns up poems by Mrs. Cobbold; Sir Walter Scott (many); Mrs. West; Lord Byron (many); J. Montgomery, Esq.; Charlotte T.S.V.; Robert Burns; T. Moore, Esq. (many); T. Campbell, Esq. (many); Thomas Pringle, Esq.; Herbert Knowles; Professor Carlyle; P.L. Courtier; John Dunlop, Esq.; W.R. Spencer; Beattie; Pope; C. Feist; Elizabeth Scott (many); Bernard Barton; J.F. Stanfield, Esq.; Miss Holcroft; Rev. Wm. Shepherd; the Duchess of Devonshire; Albania; Wm. Cowper, Esq.; Miss Inman; Mrs. Savell; Miss Lickbarrow; Thomson; J. Moore, Esq.; Dr. Johnson; King Charles the First; Rev. J. Bidlake; Dr. Hawksworth; Lord Strangford; S. Kemble, Esq.; Mrs. Radcliffe; Mr. Wordsworth; Mrs. Tighe; Collins; Robert Southey, Esq.; Eliza Ryves; Dr. Wolcot; Walter Rodwell Wright, Esq.; Mrs. Opie; Dr. Darwin; Mrs. John Hunter; Ossian; Mrs. Robinson; Neele; Mason; Hon. Henry Erskine; J. Hogg, Esq.

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