William Mavor and Samuel Pratt, Classical English Poetry, for the Use of Schools, and of Young Persons in General. Selected from the Works of the Most Favourite of our National Poets, with some Original Pieces. (London: R. Phillips, 1801)

Information about the collection: The frontispiece is an engraving by Burney entitled "The Grove of the Muses," with 10 lines from Langhorne printed beneath. It shows three young children -- 2 boys, 1 girl -- in a garden grove embellished with busts of Milton, Spencer, Pope, and Dryden, and with a smaller monument to Shenstone. Prefatory material consists of an advertisement; an introduction on "The Nature, Origin, and Progress of Poetry," with sections on pastoral, lyric, didactic, descriptive, and elegiac poetry; and a section on English versification. There is no TOC but there is an index at the end of the volume that lists all titles and authors. The names of the authors appear after the poems in the volume itself. 429 pp. in all.

Table of Contents:  None

Index: Forthcoming

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