Thomas Park, The Works of the British Poets, collated with the best editions. 48? Volumes (London: J. Sharpe, 1808-9?)

Information about the collection: Each volume amounts to something like a collected works of up to five poets, "collated with the best editions" and preceded quite often by a sometimes-anonymous encomium or elegy. There are no prefaces in the individual volumes; there is no critical or bio-bibliographic information, and the dates for the poems are not listed. Each volume contains an engraving illustrating one of the poems as the frontiespiece, and other than the categorical distinction of the 'major' vs the 'minor' poets enforced by the use of a supplement, the ordering of the series appears to be random (i.e. it does not proceed from volume 1 through 42 by exact chronology). There are simply too many poem titles to reproduce, so only the contents of each volume and the names of the poets will be included as they appear on the title pages (so if no first name is listed, then none is to be found on the individual title page). There are 42 volumes in the series, which is also known as "Sharpe's edition," and 6 volumes appearing in the Supplement (see the advertisement for this below).

Advertisement for the Supplement to the British Poets:

So great is the accession to the stock of our national poetry, that no apology should seem necessary for offering to poetic readers a classical edition of the

Select Works of the Minor Poets

Of the poets whose productions thus constitute the present volumes, twenty-two are to be found in Dr. Johnson's English Poets; while seventeen more, which made no part of his scheme, are selected, for the first time, from various sources. It is in this way that the better poems of thirty-nine authors, who, if the old principle of collection were now tried, must be entirely excluded from great works, are here agreeably presented to the world. From all that was once heterogenously amalgamated, much, it will be seen, is now not unbeneficially extracted. Who would not aspire to rescue the 'Creation' of Blackmore from the chaos of his verses; but, who desires to know much more of Pomfret than his 'Wish'?

The present volumes, which are supplementary to 'Sharpe's edition of British Poets,' are particularly recommended as necessary to the completion of that work, to those admirers of poetry who may desire to possess, within some just compass, the more estimable effusions of our Minor Poets. Conscious of having made his best efforts to render the present volume alike gratifying to the lovers of letters and of the fine arts, the Publisher confidently awaits the result of that patronage which has been so liberally bestowed in the periodical course of this work.

Table of Contents: 
(Again, the engravings are illustrations of one of the poems, not of the poets, though the titles of most are names.)

Volume 1:
Volume 2: The Third and Fourth Volumes of Milton Engraving: Milton
Volume 3: Addison's Critique, and Johnson's Remarks on Milton;
and the Poems of Sir John Denham
Engraving: Milton Composing Paradise Lost
Volume 4: The Two Volumes of Waller Engraving: Waller
Volume 5: The First and Second Volumes of Butler Engraving: Butler
Volume 6: The Third Volume of Butler, and the
Poems of Phillips
Engraving: Butler
Volume 7 The Two Volumes of Dryden's Fables Engraving: Dryden's Fables
Volume 8: The First and Second Volumes of Dryden Engraving: Dryden
Volume 9: The Third Volume of Dryden,
and the Poems of Garth
Engraving: Dryden
Volume 10: The Poems of Addison and Tickell Engraving: Addison
Volume 11: The First and Second Volumes of Prior Engraving: Prior
Volume 12: The Third Volume of Prior,
and the Poems of Parnell
Engraving: Prior
Volume 13: The First and Second Volumes of Gay Engraving: Gay
Volume 14: The Third Volume of Gay,
and the Poems of Savage
Engraving: Gay
Volume 15: The Two Volumes of Somervile Engraving: Somervile
Volume 16: The First and Second Volumes of Swift Engraving: Swift
Volume 17: The Third and Fourth Volumes of Swift Engraving: Swift
Volume 18: The First and Second Volumes of Pope Engraving: Pope
Volume 19: The Third and Fourth Volumes of Pope Engraving: Pope
Volume 20: The Two Volumes of Thomson Engraving: Thomson
Volume 21: The Two Volumes of Watts Engraving: Watts
Volume 22: The Two Volumes of Shenstone Engraving: Shenstone
Volume 23: The First and Second Volumes of Young Engraving: Young
Volume 24: The Third and Fourth Volumes of Young Engraving: Young
Volume 25: The Two Volumes of Akenside Engraving: Akenside
Volume 26: The Poems of Dyer and William Thompson Engraving: Dyer
Volume 27: The Poems of Green and Jago,
and Hammond and Lord Lyttleton
Engraving: Green
Volume 28: The Two Volumes of Hamilton Engraving: Hamilton
Volume 29: The Poems of Edward Moore and Mallet Engraving: E. Moore
Volume 30: The Poems of Collins and Gray,
and Falconer and Day
Engraving:  Collins
Volume 31: The First and Second Volume of Churchill Engraving: Churchill
Volume 32: The Third Volume of Churchill,
and the Poems of Jenyns
Engraving: Churchill
Volume 33: Blair
Engraving: Blair
Volume 34: Armstrong
Engraving: Armstrong
Volume 35: Cunningham
Engraving: Cunningham
Volume 36: The Two Volumes of Langhorne Engraving: Langhorne
Volume 37: Goldsmith
Joseph Warton
Engraving: Goldsmith
Volume 38: The Two Volumes of Glover Engraving: Glover
Volume 39: The Poems of Scott and Thomas Warton Engraving: Scott
Volume 40: The Two Volumes of Burns Engraving: Burns
Volume 41: Smollet, Bruce, and Logan;
Hoyland, J.H. Moore, Headley, and Russell;
and Oram, Bampfylde, and Lovell
Engraving: Smollet
Volume 42: The Two Volumes of Sir William Jones Engraving: Jones
Volume 1:
Select Poems from the Works of
The Earl of Rochester, Earl of Roscommon, Otway,
Pomfret, Earl of Dorset, Stepney, Walsh, Smith,
Duke, King, Sprat, Earl of Halifax, and Rowe
No Engraving
Volume 2:
Select Poems from the Works of
Hughes, Duke of Buckingham, Congreve, Fenton,
and Blackmore
Engraving: Fenton
Volume 3:
Select Poems from the Works of
Granville, Yalden, Pattison, Hill, Broome, Pitt,
Ambrose Phillips, and Gilbert West
Engraving: Hill
Volume 4:
Select Poems from the Works of
Harte, Richard West, Cawthorne, Lloyd, John Gil-
bert Cooper, Paul Whitehead, John Brown, D.D.
and James Grainger, M.D.
Engraving: Cawthorn
Volume 5:
Select Poems from the Works of
Wilkie, Dodsley, Smart, Graeme, William White-
head, and Blacklock
Volume 6:
Containing Poems Omitted in the Works of
Addison, Gay, Pope, Thomson, Watts, Akenside,
W. Thompson, Lyttelton, Collins, Mickle, Lang-
horne, Johnson, T. Warton, and Smollett

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