William Thackeray, The Selector; consisting of an original selection of English Poetry &c. From works of the most approved authors. (Margate: Printed for and by The Selector, Marine Parade, 1831)

Information about the collection: No preface or other introductory material; the names of the authors are printed after the title of the poem; the ordering appears to be random (i.e. it is not done by chronology or subject) and the collection seems to be a good example of a miscellany, as it attempts to transmit a feeling for poetry of a particular age or moment.

Table of Contents: 

The Stag. By Miss L.E. Landon

The Flowworm. By John Bowrung, Esq.

Recollections of my Youth. By John Luscombe, Esq.

Sonnet. By Edward Moxan, Esq.

Love's Reproach. A Rustic Plaint. By James Kenney, Esq.

My Home. By Miss Annette Turner

The Village Maid. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson

The Lullaby. On a Female Convict to her Child, the Night previous to Execution. By Henry Kirke White

Aetna. A Sketch. By Alaric A. Watts

Song. By Henry Brandreth, jun. Esq.

The Halt on the March. By John Malcolm, Esq.

The Choice. By Miss L.E. Landon

Lines written on a placing a Lily of the Valley in the dead hand of a Lovely Child while lying in her Coffin. By the Rev. Dr. Booker

Sonnet, written at Benares in the East Indies. By David Lester Richardson, Esq.

The Fugitive. By Mrs. Henry Rolls

Hope. By Montague Seymour

The Three Damsels. A Tale of Halloween. By David Lindsay, Esq.

Sonnet to an Early Violet. By Richard Howitt, Esq.

Death's Progress. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson

Description of a Summer's Eve. By Henry Kirke White

To the Last Star of Morning. By the Rev. Dr. Booker

The Dying Warrior. By the Rev. Thomas Dale

The Spider swinging in the Wind. By John Bowring, Esq.

Ten Years Ago. By Alaric A. Watts

Stanzas on Woman. By Oliver Goldsmith, M.B.

Lines written in a Storm. By Montague Seymour

Othman. By Miss L.E. Landon

A true Tale of Shipwreck. By H.F. Chorley, Esq.

The Warrior's Farewell

The Fisher Girl. A Sea-side Sketch. By Bernard Barton, Esq.

The Shepherd Boy. By Henry Kirke White

To an Infant sleeping on its Mother's Breast during a Storm. By Rev. Dr. Booker

The Wreck. By Miss Pardoe

The Maniac Boy. By R. Montgomery Esq.

Lines suggested by the Sight of a Beautiful Statue of a dead Child. By Z.M. Watts

Ella. By Montague Seymour

Chamouni. A Sketch on the Spot. By Alaric A. Watts

The Violet. By Miss L.E. Landon

Natural Bridge in the State of Virginia

The Stolen Interview

The Blind Harper

To the Clouds. A Sonnet written by Moonlight

The Enchanted Castle. From a celebrated Picture by Claude Lorraine. By Rev. George Croly


Sonnets. By Henry Kirke White

The Monument. By Rev. George Croly

Love and Duty. A Rural Sketch. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson

Song. By James Kenney, Esq.

Ruth. By T. Hood, Esq.

Rose Malcolm. By Mrs. Balmanno

The Mamelukes. By John Bowring, Esq. Ll.D.

The Attacked Escort. A Spanish Scene

To Solitude

The Past. By Bernard Barton, Esq.

The Suicide

The Flowret of Love. By H. Brandreth, jun. Esq.

The Might of Song. By Mary Howitt


The Change. By Miss L.E. Landon

An Epicedium. By Alaric A. Watts

Edgar. By Montague Seymour

The Killing of a Boar. Otway

The Days of Other Years. By John Malcolm, Esq.

The Mother's Grave

The Absent Ship

The Hermit of the Dale. By Henry Kirke White

Laugh and get Fat!

To the Moon. By Rev. Geroge Woodley

The Convent Bell. By John Luscombe, Esq.

The Village Girl. By Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson

The Tear of Gratitude

The Wandering Star

Human Life. By Bernard Barton, Esq.

Marian Lee. By Mary Howitt

The Wanderer's Legacy. By Mrs. Godwin

Lines to a Young Lady on her Marriage. By Mrs. Egerton

My Father's Grave. By James Bird, Esq.

Maximilian and his Daughter. By Miss Emma Roberts

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