Angelo Vergani, The Beauties of English Poetry, or a Collection of Poems extracted from the best authors. 2nd Edition. (Paris: Printed for the Editor, 1803)

Information about the collection: No preface, biographical, critical or bibliographic information. The author's surname is printed after the title and before the poem in the volume itself. Note that all authors are listed by surname only in the TOC, except for Colley Cibber, Mrs. Thrale, and Miss Carter. All names in the TOC are italicized, and not all poems are listed with authors. The ordering of the poems appears to be random (i.e. it is not done by chronology or subject) and as it collects extracts of longer poems, it seems to be a good example of a 'beauty' volume.

Table of Contents: 

The Shepherd and the Philosopher. Gay.
The Camelion. Merrick.
The Youth and the Philosopher. Whitehead.
Cupid Benighted. Anacreon.
Edwin and Angelina. Goldsmith.
An invitation to the feathered race. Greaves.
The fire-side. Cotton.
Edwin and Emma. Mallet.
On the vanity and vicissitude of human life.
The Blind Boy. Colley Cibber.
The despairing Lover. Walsh.
The three Warnings. Mrs. Thrale.
The Beggar's petition.
Variety in Human characters. Pope.
Day: a Pastoral. Cunningham.
The Contemplatist. A Night-Piece. The Same.
Poetry and Poverty.
Hassan; or the Camel Driver. Collins.
Solitude. Cowper.
A Father's advice to his son.
The Garland. Prior.
A Pastoral Ballad. Shenstone.
Corydon, a pastoral. Cunningham.
Thought in a Garden. Hughes.
An inquiry after Happiness. Miss Carter.
The Country Clergyman. Goldsmith.
The School-Master. The Same.
An Evening Address to the Nightingale. Shaw.
The Wish. Merrick.
The Actor. Lloyd.
National characters. Goldsmith.
Elegy to Pity.
An Account of the great English Poets. Addison.
A Fragment of Sappho. Philips.
The Adieu from the Italian of Metastasio.
Selim; or the Shepherd's moral.
On Happiness. Pope.
The Parting of Hector and Adromache, from Pope's Homer's Iliad.
The Universal Prayer. Pope.
Elegy to the memory of an unfortunate Lady. Same.
The present condition of man vindicated. The Same.
Lamentation of Queen Mary.
Messiah, a sacred Eclogue. Pope.
Lavinia. Thomson.
The winter Traveller lost in Snow. The Same.
Ode on St. Cecilia's Day. Pope.
Alexander's Feast. Dryden.
The Passions. Collins.
Hamlet and the Ghost. Shakespear.
Hamlet's Soliloquy on Death. The Same.
Satan's Soliloquy. Milton.
Cato's Soliloquy. Addison.
Domestic love and Happiness. Thomson.
The Pleasures of Retirement. The Same.
The Progress of Life. Shakespear.
Henry the Fourth's Soliloquy on Sleep. The Same.
Ode on Solitude. Pope.
Elegy written in a Country Church-Yard. Gray.
Rules for the conduct of Manners in a Critic. Pope.
The Hermit. Parnell.
Henry and Emma. Prior.
On Life, Death, and Immortality. Young.

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