The Wreath:  A Selection of Elegant Poems from the Best Authors (Hartford: Silas Andrus, 1824); also titled The Wreath: A Collection of Poems, from Celebrated English Authors (New York: Johnstone & Van Norden, 1824)

Information about the collection: There are two title pages and I will have to do more research into the publishing history of this volume, particularly as the two are divided on whether the volume should advertise itself as a "collection" or a "selection" of poems. There is no preface or other explanatory editorial material, and the first title page is illuminated with an illustrated engraving of "Ode to Melancholy," and the facing page contains an illustrated engraving of "Minstrel." The author's name is not printed in the volume other than in the TOC. In addition to the (often incomplete) title of the poem and the name of the author, the TOC lists the first line of each poem, which is not reproduced here. The ordering appears to be random (i.e. it is not done by chronology or subject) and the collection is another good example of a miscellany.

Table of Contents: 

The Minstrel -- Beattie

The Grave -- Blair

Elegy, On the Death of Lady Coventry -- Mason

Hymn, from Psalm 148 -- Ogilvie

The Fireside -- Cotton

Death -- Dr. Porteus

The Passions -- Collins

Despondency -- Burns

On Slavery -- Cowper

Hymn on Solitude -- Thompson

Hymn to Darkness -- Yalden

Stanzas on Woman -- Goldsmith

Edwin and Angelina -- Goldsmith

Elegy, written in a Country Church Yard -- Gray

Ode to Leven Water -- Smollet

Beam of Tranquillity -- Moore

A Canadian Boat Song -- Moore

Man was made to Mourn -- Burns

O'Connor's Child, or the Flower of Love lies bleeding -- Campbell

The Soldier's Dream -- Campbell

The Dying Negro -- Day

Hymn on the Seasons -- Thompson

The Hermit -- Parnell

The Traveller, or a Prospect of Society -- Goldsmith

The Hermit -- Beattie

Boat Song -- Scott

The Castle of Indolence -- Thompson

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