The Girls' Book of Poetry. A Selection of Short Pieces Lyrical, Descriptive, Pathetic, and Narrative. From British and American Poets. (London: Ward, Lock, and Co., year)

Information about the collection: There is no preface and the author's names are not listed in the TOC, though they are almost without exception listed after the poem in the volume itself. Authors included are Wordsworth, Scott, Burns, Hemans, Goldsmith, Shakespeare, Landon, Moore, Smith, Campbell and others. There are 14 illustrations and the ordering of the poems appears to be random (i.e. it is not done by chronology or subject) and the collection seems to be a good example of a miscellany.

Table of Contents: 

The Brides of Venice
To a Daisy
Under my Window
The Discontented Buttercup
The Minuet
Cumnor Hall
The Voice of Spring
The Land o' the Leal
Little Bell
The Child's First Grief
Little Red Riding Hood
The Smile of Sorrow
Apple Blossoms in May
Auld Robin Gray
Oh! Where do Fairies hide their Heads?
Baby's Shoes
Those Evening Bells
Meeting of the Waters
The Heart's Changes
The Flower of Dumblane
The Moss Rose
The Better Land
The Harvest Gleaning
Wild Flowers
To a Certain Golden Fishes
"O, Nanny, Wilt Thou Gang wi' Me?"
The Sempstress to her Mignonette
The Minstrel Boy
To the Dandelion
Law and Waltzing
Hiawatha's Wooing
The Sea Captain's Farewell to his Child
There's nae Luck about the House
Go, Lovely Rose!
The Town Child and Country Child
Woman's True Beauty
Ellen Douglas and FitzJames
The Homes of England
To Daffodils
'Tis the last Rose of Summer
The Beautiful is Everywhere
The Rose
The Woodland Child
The March of Time
A Parable
The Sunrise Never Failed Us Yet
The First Swallow
Edwin and Angelina
A Morning Song
Mountain Scenery
Miss Blanche's Rose
The Skylark
A Little Girl's Fancies
Birds of Passage
The Bells
Lord Ullin's Daughter
A Summer Invocation
Foreign Lands and English Homes
King Volmer and Elsie
She Came and Went
Lament of Mary Queen of Scots
To the Cuckoo
"Far, far from Love and Thee, Mary"
Bassanio Choosing the Casket
A Farewell

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