Study Materials


English 165LT: Student Projects (Fall 2001)

Holly Beckman, "Memory Maze"
Beau Brennan, "The End"
Lauren Christie, "Something Inside Me"
Jennifer Clemons, "Lingers"
Amish Dani, "Grandmaster Flash"
Annie Doud, "Hypertext as a Life Lesson"
Michael Flesher, "The Worst Day of Your Life"
Omega Gaspar, "Scrabble, But Better"
Carol Hendrix, "Jeff's Girl"
Caroline Hornblower, "Control of Hypertext"
Sarah Helena Jackson, "standing in front of a phone booth..."
Daven Kang, "The Aesthetics of the Fragment in Hypertext"
Vivian Kim, "All the World's a Stage"
Daniel Knabenbauer, "Final Beginnings"

Annie Kuo, "Le Maquillage"
Mariam Lee, "Hypertext, An Updated Version of the Book?"
Laura Levy, "Non Ce"
Tom Linn, "Hypertext Language and Cyber Aesthetics"
Jessica May, "Choices"
Patrick Mirjahangir, "Anal-yze"
Lori Nelson, "Pillheads"
Ryan Rosuck, "Life is just a summation of moments, one succeeding the next"
Priti Sathawane, "Hopeful"
Jennifer Smith, "No More Breath"
Amber Stapleton, "Unravel"
Jill Tankersley, "On One Site"
Matt Thomson, "Compass"
William Valdivia, "Will I Am's Sound Poetry"
Sean Viau, "Sound Poetry for Kids"
Donna Wang, "And the Story Continues"
Nancy Warren, "th?Ik.thAk"
Andrew Yujuico, "Just Another Five Days in Time"