Collections designed with a pedagogical purpose         
       often specifically for the use of schools

This sub-page lists 18th and 19th century volumes that do not easily fit into the categories we have outlined thus far (those of the anthology, miscellany, and beauty), often precisely because the selections are meant to be, in some significant fashion, pedagogically useful as opposed to merely entertaining. The "use" in this instance, then, is moral instruction and all-around improvement, rather than aesthetic pleasure per se, though aesthetic instruction is also held out as necessary. Ranging from Leigh Hunt's offering of his work "for the sake of information" to Elizabeth Mant's desire to "form the taste" of her young readers, the volumes listed here are those explicitly designated for use in the schooling process, whether at home or in a separate institution. The differences between the volumes listed here and those classified only on the main anthologies and miscellanies page might be seen through a comparison of Knox's Elegant Extracts (1809) with Hazlitt's Select British Poets, or New Elegant Extracts (1824), where Hazlitt's collection is a reworking of Knox's, made "new" for an adult, literate, bourgeois reader.

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20th Century Anthologies designed for use in the school

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